TO ASK FOR its aid, Donation or Representation. We are a ONG, whose name is ADECAVIC, which has by purpose the aid for the improvement of the communitarian quality of life, with special emphasis in the areas farmers and of limited resources. Including a great variety or diversity of programs, like: Health, feeding, agriculture, education, social and productive infrastructure, work, house, potable water, directed to women, men and children in the rural areas.

Also we have communication with several ONG's, which are scattered in all the republic; thus they ask for aid to us constantly, for its programs such as: (health, infrastructure, agriculture, feeding, etc. ) this, with the purpose of studying the weaknesses and/or deficiencies whereupon are working different projects.

At the moment we are working in the planning area and development of projects, thus we communicated directly with you to ask for an aid or donation for execution of projects previously described as well as to be able to give to foods and medicines. Or if by means of you I can contact other organizations with whom you work and thus we to work with them. Its donation can be direccionada: (you can say to that red they are possible to be canalized) For any communication I make its available the telephones or via email.