ADECAVIC is an NGO whith the objective is to promote social well-being in all possible areas, both at local and international levels, as follows:

Medical Area: 

Implementing primary health care policies; providing support with medical-surgical supplies in those areas that need them most or do not have adequate supplies, especially during seasons when there is high demand for them. Strengthening diverse patient care programs, both intra-hospital and for outpatients. Providing support for global programs with high social impact such as immunization, HIV/AIDS, malaria, malnutrition, mother-child health care programs, etc. 


Civil Areas: 

Developing civil work programs that allow development of marginal or poor areas; building houses for families affected by all types of disasters, and supporting construction of works with positive social impact such as hospitals, clinics, schools, training centers, temporary or permanent shelters, sports centers, etc.


Political Area:  

 Collaborating and strengthening programs that help integrate minorities to political issues of nations; assessing domestic policy projects that seek the common good and especially that of those most needy; strengthening state issues in developing countries. By coordinating international aid that provides modernization or better natural resource management. 


Agro-industrial Areas:   

By supporting institutions or projects that promote creation of employment sources respecting all safety guidelines and providing workers with dignified and safe workplaces so they can cover their basic needs. Developing agricultural programs that help strengthen food security in poverty-stricken areas. By collaborating with counseling for better soil management and more effective resource management, especially water. 


Transparency Areas: 

Offering qualified staff for better financial resource and distribution management, therefore improving execution level. By collaborating, as needed, with external audits or counseling. Strongly supporting transparency programs, both in regards to finance and justice.



Education and Personal Growth Area: 

By strengthening education programs of places that do not have the means to provide education adequately and where modern technology is not at hand to use is at support. Helping with supplies (didactic materials, computers, software, books, cleaning supplies, uniforms, backpacks, sports items, etc.) that allow students to fully develop and learn. By coordinating student scholarship and aid programs; by offering continuous training programs in development and medical areas as well as other social interest programs. Also by providing higher study scholarships both for studying locally or abroad.



Environmental Protection and Awareness Areas: 

Execution of reforestation and forest protection programs; implement policies that support eco-initiatives and establishment of protected areas; implementation of ecological conscience through education and awareness in classrooms and through constant training.  Support for recycling and research programs as well as the use of clean energy.




Food Security Area: 

Collaboration with institutions that include food security programs, anywhere in the world, providing logistics and transportation as well as supplies, to take the latter to those who need them.  Creation or implementation of forecasting strategies in areas prone to food insecurity. Development of programs that help the population avoid scarcity and teaching them to better manage the scarce resources they may have (agriculture, livestock, beehives, fish ponds) for short and medium term food supply.


Entrepreneurial and Individual Responsibility Area: 

By raising awareness and inviting companies and individuals with high purchasing power to join social or environmental programs, stressing the importance of capital as vital engine to execute any type of program. Providing different options to support, highlighting the use of their logo or name in supported programs and the concept that this will help raise awareness in other persons about altruism and the hope for a better future, especially in new generations.



Disaster, Transportation and Logistics Areas:

Transportation of medical-surgical and medicine supplies, emergency kits, outpatient clinics, blankets, mattresses, food or whatever is needed to help families in disaster areas. Coordination of rescue tasks, immediate help, medical care, disaster management logistics and reconstruction.



Justice and Equality Areas: 

 Strengthen programs that support moral conscience and equal rights as well as participation of all in creating a better society.


International Coordination Area: 

Coordinate with international institutions and establish partnerships with NGOs from countries being considered to receive aid. Executing inspection and follow-up of supported programs.